Bite is a food journal to teach kids that healthy eating can be fun, playful, and colorful too! The journal is intended to exist in a grocery store where families can do a scavenger hunt, then go home and make fun snacks and learn about portions. Collaborative project with Mercedes Padro.


Reaction is a line of cleansing and skin care products designed for the allergy-ridden person.  The packaging is meant to  make the consumer feel less left out from buying "regular" cosmetic products. This design allows people to buy and use something that feels special and high end, rather than sterile and flat. 

The Hot Sardines

A project created for The Folly Theater for an upcoming show. The Hot Sardines are a jazz band that is unique, eccentric, and playful. I hoped to capture that element of the group with this poster. 

Dark Chocolate

A packaging redesign project meant to revamp the branding of the project. The object was to make the packaging feel classic, elegant, and tasty. 

Mapping the City

Pierre Koenig Book

A book redesign about Pierre Koenig. The goal was to portray Koenig as warm, sunny, and bright, just like his architecture. 

Coconut Water

This project is a redesign of  coconut water. The goal was to make this brand of coconut water stand out next to the sea blue and green packaging. I wanted this to appeal to younger kids and mothers as they were strolling through the grocery store aisles. 


This project is a poster created for BIKEWALK KC that aimed to promote healthy living and an active lifestyle. The goal was to remind people to be happy, relax, and ride a bike. 

Death with a Smile